Ocean of Emptiness

Rock n' Roll is back with a vengeance.

Based in Orange County,California,Ocean of Emptiness is a raw,aggressive rock quartet that incorporates a bluesy and groove-based foundation with progressive undertones.

(O.E.) 'S Promise to you:
You are not just a fan, you are an extension of the band itself. Ocean of Emptiness belongs to you just as much as it belongs to the individual musicians. Your input is welcome,it will be implemented,and it will ultimately help shape the overall experience.

There is no “exclusivity” to this music. (O.E.) does not identify with any particular scene,nor will it ever chain itself to one. The culture of (O.E.) will be whatever you decide it should be,and it will not conform to someone else’s cookie-cutter classification.

Stay tuned for our upcoming schedule of events and other band information.